Home Visiting

Our free and voluntary weekly Home Visits are at a time and in a location convenient for you.

We support all families: ages, ethnicities, cultures, languages, faith traditions and beliefs, compositions, incomes and educational accomplishments and we support families and children of all abilities.  

This one minute video, “CHI St. Joseph’s Children Home Visiting,” shares insights to home visiting. Home visiting is about relationships, inspiration and motivation.  

What you and your baby can anticipate:

  • Services begin immediately following registration
  • Specialized curriculums, information and support if you enroll prenatally
  • Weekly Home Visits that are free and voluntary including visit times that work with your schedule
  • Prenatal Home Visits will provide a week by week pregnancy curriculum including information that prepares the family for labor and delivery
  • Postpartum Home Visits provide detailed information about baby’s first few weeks of life as well as what mom is experiencing
  • Guidance on how to monitor your baby for normal growth and development
  • Communication support with primary care medical provider including prenatal and well-baby checks
  • Support for best practices on breastfeeding, immunizations, non-use of walkers, use of media, introduction of foods, etc.
  • Assistance in tracking immunization schedule and well child checks
  • Case Management support to connect you to services you may need like: medical provider, medical and counseling services, food, housing, employment, returning to school, dental care, legal services, transportation, free and/or low cost baby supplies and furniture and income support
  • Access to several curriculums: Partners for a Healthy Baby, Green Environmental, Cancer Prevention, Healthy Vision and Eyes, and others

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  1. Must be Mother’s and/or Father’s or Caregivers first child by birth, adoption, or child placement.
  2. Enrollment period is anytime during pregnancy and until the child reaches 2 months of age.
  3. You must live in the state of New Mexico.

We are a FREE universal home visiting program with no income requirements. CHI St. Joseph’s Children is a self-funded program due to an endowment. We do not utilize any government funding (federal, state, or local government funds of any type) in serving families. We do not bill the family or insurances for any costs.

All first time parents are offered Prenatal Home Visits (if enrolled during pregnancy) with week by week pregnancy curriculum and pregnancy models including information that prepares the family for labor and delivery.  Following the birth of the baby, Postpartum Home Visits provide detailed information about baby’s first few weeks of life as well as what mom is experiencing.

We teach parents how to do infant massage which helps your baby relax, sleep and be closer to you. In addition, we provide Breastfeeding Support and Lactation Consultation. We also provide Case Management Services. Learn more here. Participation continues until the baby is 3 years old.

Register here. For questions please feel free to call 505-924-8000 to find out more about the CHI St. Joseph’s Children Home Visiting Program.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Keres
  • Dine’
  • American Sign Languages
  • Other languages are accommodated through the use of an interpreter.