Enhanced Referral/Case Management

When you are having your first child it is common for you and your new baby to have a need for additional services. Our goal is to support you in the process of learning how to apply for the services you and your baby will need. The average family who joins our program has 7 referral needs. Trained resource experts work directly with you and providers to make appropriate referrals and coordinate care for needed services. They follow up as often as needed to facilitate a successful connection. These services may include returning to school, health care, behavioral health, using community agency supports, housing, and employment training. Enhanced referral services can be provided in collaboration with existing Home Visiting programs, childcare centers, medical homes, and other services oriented to families with young children.

Referral Specialist honor and respect the dignity or each person in the family. We support families in learning the skills necessary to utilize and navigate the various systems and needs each member of the household may have. We support all families: ages, ethnicities, cultures, languages, faith traditions and beliefs, compositions, sizes, incomes and educational accomplishments which may include teen parents and single parents.

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